iStock-645534514 copyFirst quarter can be an overwhelming time for marketers. There are so many lists being circulated about trends for the coming year that it can be dizzying to try to focus and prioritize. Instead of creating a to-do list, we decided to create a TO-DON’T list for our clients’ marketing efforts and we would love to help you apply it to your strategy for the rest of 2017. Please DON’T:


  1. Focus on Clicks Instead of Conversions. A click isn’t necessarily going to help your business unless your potential client takes the action you intend. So instead of obsessing over click-through rates, be sure that your audience is taking action and doing what you want them to do online. That action can be as simple as giving an email address or making a small purchase.
  1. Follow Shiny Objects. Sure, you could spend your time and energy learning about the latest social media platforms and figuring out how they apply to your business. But until these platforms prove their worth, stick with the platforms that make the most sense for your business. Which leads us to…
  1. Spend Time on the Wrong Platforms. This is a great time of year for taking a step back and a deep breath. In marketing, it’s all about the metrics. What is working for your business? Where is your ideal client spending the most time? Where are you most enjoying interacting? Which platform and type of post yields the type and quantity of impressions you’re going for?
  1. Avoid Mobile Optimization. The majority of social media and internet activity now takes place on mobile devices. Make it a priority. Be sure to audit your website and social profiles to be sure they’re optimized for mobile, and cater your content accordingly.
  1. Push out unnecessary posts. Original, valuable, relevant content that responds to needs is what people want today.  So make your content work hard for you, and make sure it is of high quality.  This is the foundation of successful online interaction and engagement. Align your content development work with Google’s goals for real relevance and a meaningful end user experience.


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