Digital Marketing Strategy & Social Media Development

The explosion of social media in the last few years has changed the marketing arena forever.  Integrating your presence onto the right social media channels for your business is critical to marketing success.  You need to know where your customers are online, what interests them and where your messages can influence their behaviors.  Then you need to establish a social media marketing program that dovetails with your traditional marketing methods, to ultimately create a comprehensive and consistent communications program.

Our work typically starts with an assessement of your marketplace and any existing social media tools you have been running.  Then we'll create a "checklist" with recommendations for new tools or "tweaks" for channels you're already engaged in.  We'll outline objectives, create a social media marketing plan including a content calendar and train your staff to execute against the plan -- or, if desired, manage the programs for you. Analytic tools for measuring engagement and response across social media channels are recommended or employed as part of the plan.

Smartly conceived, appealing content is paramount in today's social media world; it's what drives leads and ultimately revenue.  We'll help assure your content meets these 5 essential criteria:

1 • Is timely and relevant to your customer

2 • Is contextual and personal to your customer

3 • Is easy to read, navigate and digest

4 • Is well written and professionally produced

5 • Is content that solves your customer's problem


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