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Lightspeed Ahead! 5 Key Tips to Propel Your Marketing This Year

A new year brings a fresh start. It also brings opportunities for change, setting goals and a chance for us to improve ourselves over the coming months. While setting goals can be easy for many, the hard part is actually staying focused to reach them. This is true in business too.

When it comes to marketing, trends often demand change from us. This year, with the pandemic still surrounding us and digital communication evolving exponentially at lightspeed, one thing we can control is the narrative.

Here are five key tips on how to efficiently and effectively communicate with your audience, customers, peers, managers or stakeholders:

Be honest

Every one of us is driven by emotion and craves security. People will naturally gravitate toward your brand when you build trust. Humans align themselves with brands and people that share similarities to them. Now is the time to develop a proactive strategy to convey a consistent and authentic brand message to connect with your audience.

Actively listen and show humility.

Hear your customer's feedback and criticism and respond appropriately. Be willing to acknowledge errors but be determined to fix them.

Humanize your brand. Reveal or acknowledge reality.

Don’t be afraid to tell customers that you’re working on improving a defective product or launching a new product that may not be fully baked. Clued-in customers are more likely to be forgiving of inconveniences.

Personalize your message.

Show customers you care. With all the data available to marketers today, this is an easy one with a huge payback. But use caution and finesse your messaging to refrain from appearing awkward or inauthentic.

Use clear, direct and calm language, especially amidst a crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic presented a communications crisis for most business owners. Were you prepared? Has your messaging to employees and customers been consistent with your brand, and clear as the situation has evolved?

Be sure to partner with a professional to support your communication efforts. With well crafted content that speaks clearly and with intention, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

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