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About Brandmark Studios

Marketing 101

The foundation of effective marketing is a brand identity that is unique, engaging and relevant, and that speaks with clarity and personality.

Marketing is about connecting to your customer, being distinct from your competition and communicating well that your product or service meets the needs and desires of your target audience. It's about creating a brand identity that is unique, engaging and relevant, that speaks with clarity and personality. It's about emotional connection… and about building a robust relationship with your customer. It's about motivating them to do what you'd like them to do.

Successful marketing comes from great concept and design work, implemented consistently and energetically across media channels. In today’s rapidly changing media and digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to make sure your concepts work, your content is exceptional, our design is striking and you’re well connected technologically through the most effective media platforms available. Everything should work harmoniously, efficiently and in an integrated fashion to build your brand, turn prospects into customers and ultimately drive revenue.

We’re here to help you do just that. To help you be real in conveying your story. To have your audience be inspired by captivating and clever creative approaches. To be relevant in the mind of your customer. To be consistent with your message. To be connected through the myriad of interrelated channels in our vast digital landscape. To deliver a cohesive and dynamic brand presentation that inspires action.

Creative Team

Our talented team brings expertise from across artistic disciplines, utilizing top technological know-how, to implement uniquely engaging campaigns across traditional and digital platforms.

Our creatives are a unique blend of seasoned and talented professionals, with years of experience on the client and agency sides of the business.  They are magicians, actually, in graphic design, programming and writing who can pull amazing ideas out of the hat for our clients. 

We access a range of skill sets and bring together the best team for the client’s project, whether the assignment be logo development or a full scale brand launch.  Idea generation comes from everyone involved, and true, seamless collaboration leads to compelling and engaging creative.

Creative Philosophy

We believe marketing success is derived from a highly collaborative
experience between client and agency.

So when you call us in to assess your marketing needs, we’ll do the groundwork to understand your business and your customer as well as you do.  Our core focus is to then build a marketing platform that succeeds in delivering exceptionally creative and engaging approaches that ultimately meet and potentially exceed your business objectives. 

Your marketing should excite you, your staff and especially your customers.  Collaboration is crucial in the creative process, and our creative team is passionate about coming up with uniquely inspired creative that effectively turns a business goal into a living story.


Our strategic direction, creative vision and vigorous approach to our work is borne from experience across industries:


Integral to our daily life is our connection to the people, organizations
and community groups which continually strive to foster a strong
network devoted to human health, wellness and intellectual curiosity.

We are pleased to support these non-profit organizations:

  • ACT (A Contemporary Theater) of Connecticut
  • Lyme Connection (Ridgefield Lyme Disease Task Force)
  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists
  • Ridgefield Responds, Hope for Jacmel, Haiti, Hurricane Sandy
  • Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society
  • Ridgefield Library
  • Ridgefield Responds: Hope For Ukraine
  • Ridgefield Women's Flag Football
  • RVNAhealth
  • Interlude, and Ability Beyond Disability

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