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Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic marketing planning is at the core of every sound and successful marketing program. It is the long term, top down view of what a company or organization needs to do to reach its business goals. The top-down process of developing a strategic marketing plan helps ensure that all tactical marketing programs support the company's goals and objectives, as well as convey a consistent message to customers. Learn More.

User Experience Marketing

Today’s dynamic online environment makes the consumer more powerful than ever. They are savvy, short on time and expect their needs or questions answered instantaneously. Mobile access has skyrocketed and given everyone the opportunity to shop, search, travel, be entertained or talk to friends at any time and in any place. Learn More.

Branding & Corporate Identity

The company's brand is its core personality. Creating a dynamic brand that reflects the true nature of the business is critical in conveying the promise of what the business plans to deliver to its clientele. We seek to create brands that are engaging, speak with clarity, execute beautifully across vehicles and genuinely become the personality of the business. Learn More.

Website Development

Your company's website serves as the key portal through which potential clients decide to connect with you. The site should establish a professional online presence consistent with your brand, clearly inform your audience about what your company does, establish you as a thought leader in your industry and act as a lead generator. Most must be easy to use! Learn More.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The explosion of the digital marketplace in the last few years has changed the marketing arena forever. Integrating your presence onto the right digital channels for your business is critical to marketing success. You need to know where your customers are online, what interests them and where your messages can influence their behaviors. Mapping out the customer journey and the digital touch-points can move you to the head of the class very quickly. Learn More.

Social Media Development

Social media is here to stay. The expansion of social media as a communications tool has changed our communications with friends and the public, changed how we receive news and changed how we learn about the world. A systematic approach to creating and distributing content, and engaging with influencers and target audiences is critical to a thriving marketing program. You need to map out a plan and present content that stops people in their tracks - commanding they pay attention to you. Learn More.

Graphic Design

Exceptional design can be the difference between stellar and mediocre results. We believe in bringing sophisticated and visually arresting design to all of the work we do. It's crucial to create compelling and unique visuals that help your business stand out in the competitive landscape and build a personality for your business that continually strengthens the brand and breaks out of the expected. Learn More.

Content Creation

Excellent writing is a critical component of any marketing work. Professional, well constructed copy is the foundation of every communications program, whether online or in print. Today’s media environment presents growing opportunity for companies to connect with their customers through written content on the Internet. Learn More.


Great advertising concepts are arresting, compelling and drive your audience to change their thinking. They are consistent with your brand's positioning and generate enthusiasm and engagement amongst your target audience. Brandmark breaks through the noise with engaging, compelling, visually arresting creative concepts that meet strategic objectives and effectively motivate your audience. Learn More.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

We’re on top of the ever-changing landscape and our professionals are ready to bring their compelling stories to your event or organization. We present on a variety of topics and can customize a presentation to your needs. Using relevant examples and case studies, each presentation or workshop is full of practical implementation tips, strategies, action oriented advice and relevant takeaways. Learn More.

Media & PR

We support our clients with media planning, buying, monitoring and and implementation services. Understanding the media outlets that best convey the right message to the right audience is critical to business success. We ensure that creative is delivered on message and on time to the right person or portal. Learn More.

Promotional Products

Every impression is important for a business and consistency in messaging helps build a brand. Promotional products are great tools for your business toolbox because they help deliver the right brand impression every time, reinforcing your brand worth and ultimately attracting new business. Ranging from pens to tumblers, t-shirts to gift baskets, promotional products can help support a business at special events and trade shows, as promotional giveaways, as client appreciation gifts and as recognition for valued employees. Learn More.

Marketing Automation

Brandmark uses marketing automation to help you automate specific marketing tasks, gaining efficiencies and collecting valuable metrics about the people who interact with your business. Coupled with strategic insight, marketing automation enables you to nurture prospects with customized content with the goal of driving conversions (and revenue). Brandmark Studios' digital team serves clients in the small-to-medium size business space with automation otherwise only available at the enterprise level.Learn More.

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