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Ten tips for creating high ranking content

Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates make creating content that ranks high in their search engine challenging even for the pros, but there are some proven tactics to boost your ranking.

1. Target Keyword Phrases

The best ranking content on Google targets keyword phrases.

  • Add keywords in your headline.
  • Make sure it reads smoothly.
  • Avoid stuffing keywords – over-optimization.
  • 2. Grab attention in the introduction

    Is your introduction compelling and attention grabbling? Does your introduction contain one of your targeted keyword phrases, including a long tail keyword?

    3. Solve a problem, drive an action

    Be clear about your purpose! Understand your reader and why you are writing this piece, what problem are you trying to solve? Does it solve keyword intent? Does it drive action?

    4. Write quality, not quantity.

    People don't have a lot of time, they want to get to the point. Are your facts accurate? Is your topic relevant and does it deliver what your title indicates it’s about?

    5. Use meta descriptions

    Meta descriptions help search engines and searches understand your topic, and they provide a concise explanation to inform search engines of your page’s content.

    6. Optimize your title

  • Watch your title length.
  • Don't overdo SEO keywords.
  • Give every page a unique title .
  • Put important keywords first.
  • Leverage your brand.
  • Write for your customers.
  • 7. Keyword frequency

    Keyword frequency can have an impact on how discoverable your site, webpage or ad may be. It refers to how often a keyword appears on a given page or content piece. The more frequently a keyword appears, the higher the frequency.

    8. Page links

    Internal linking is a powerful SEO tactic for content marketing that optimizes the search value of a website. It’s an internal link that connects one page to a different page, ON THE SAME SITE: the source domain and target domain are the same.

    9. Optimize images

    Optimize images, by providing two written elements, the title tag and alt tag to DEFINE the picture for Google search. This information should contain keywords related what is conveyed on the page.

    10. Remove anything that SLOWS your site

    Page speed is a critical factor for SEO, it’s the kiss of death in today’s market place, and can frustrate prospects!

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