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Danbury Orthopedics / OrthoConnecticut

When a growing practice needed reconstructive surgery on its marketing program, we performed a thorough market analysis and a complete make over on all initiatives.

Since 1954, Danbury Orthopedic Associates has been one of the region's premier multi-specialty orthopedic practices. Their team of surgeons, physicians and therapists are trained at the country's leading medical institutions and the surgical and non-surgical care utilizes state of the art techniques and comprehensive treatment methods for superior outcomes. However their marketing materials did not reflect the highly professional service offered by the group. When the time came for reconstructive surgery on their marketing program, we performed a thorough market analysis and a complete make over on the logo, website and collateral..a total marketing replacement!

Our market analysis reviewed the competitive environment from a medical service, creative and marketing standpoint, defined strategic objectives, recommended branding and positioning options and suggested a marketing plan and tactical programs to roll out in a disciplined fashion. The new logo replaced the tired orthopedics symbol of a broken tree, pervasively used within the orthopedics discipline. The new look employs a bold graphic image, linking the practice's initials (a subtle reference to a ball and socket joint), and is exceedingly precise in its execution reflecting the necessary precision required in surgery. The refined graphic is supported by a new tagline "Exceptional Care. Real Results.", utilized consistently across marketing channels to solidify the practice's positioning as a leader in the orthopedic field. Logos designed for the group's Centers of Excellence rollout beautifully within the new branding to further promote the sub-specialty areas of expertise.

The new branding for Danbury Orthopedics is applied to stationery, all marketing materials and on the new website. The completely new website features a content management system specifically designed to accommodate the needs of both physicians and patients. Comprehensive search engine optimization techniques are integrated and a YouTube channel to accommodate a growing library of informative videos help meet the needs of a busy medical practice in 2012. Providing cutting edge tools such as Google maps and patient forms seek to make the patient experience as simple and accessible as possible.

Print and online advertising, featuring large-scale images, complement the professional visual language of the new brand. A customized advertising program for booster club programs to new office and new doctor announcements work to build general brand awareness and keep the practice and its physicians top of mind.

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