Ridgefield Physical Therapy | Brandmark Studios - Ridgefield, CT

Ridgefield Physical Therapy

Capturing the energetic, skilled and supportive environment was our objective.

Capturing the energetic, skilled and supportive environment of Ridgefield Physical Therapy was our objective in delivering impactful and influential marketing materials. We developed a website design that grabs and seducts the audience from first glance by employing large and colorful visuals and clever phrase wording. The information architecture is easy to navigate and intuitive in approach. Each service area utlizes well constructed descriptions and a "Tips" feature engages the audience with the goal of providing added value.

The print advertising campaign complements the website design with bold visuals and large text, with simple supporting text to describe service offerings and provide contact information. The bold layout is easily recognizable across ads in the campaign, creating a consistency of messaging which is critical to building brand awareness.

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