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Did you know that maintaining an updated Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most powerful, free tools you have to increase the likelihood of consumers finding you in online search? An updated GMB listing is crucial to online visibility and being “found”. Take these 4 steps and you’ll be on your way to literally putting your business on the map:

Google My Business

  • Claim your online listing – Claim your GMB page and update your business profile. SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings prioritize complete GMB listings. Remove any duplication you find so you have one clear listing for each office location.
  • Identify your business – Provide complete content about your location, and hours, and be sure to include recent photos. It’s well known now that businesses with more GMB photos get more clicks, calls and direction requests.
  • Refine the details – GMB now offers the ability to do posts, reviews, and provide detailed descriptions about products and services as well as key brand attributes. These attributions allow consumers to gain more knowledge about your business and to connect directly to your business within Google.
  • Stay active– GMB is not a set-it and forget-it tool. The more you actively update your listing, provide recent photos, seek reviews and fine-tune descriptions and attributes, the more effective it will be.

Google My Business complements your other essential tools

So, you might be asking why your Google My Business page is so important when you have a website and social channels that provides this information. Well, the answer is simple. A precise and complete Google My Business listing is one of the top ranking factors in organic local search and map search. And since Google dominates much of global search, you’ll want to ensure you meet their criteria. Working in sync, your website, social media and GMB pages contribute to building a strong digital footprint for your business. Many thought leaders in the industry concur. This article from Hootsuite offers further direction on how to maximize your GMB listing and why it’s important. However, if time is short and you’d like some help, please reach out. We can help you make sure your listing is accurate and optimized, improving your search results and ensuring information is at your prospects finger tips at the precise moment they need it.

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