Why LinkedIn is an Essential Tool in the Digital Marketing Mix

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Connect. Comment. Communicate. In the digital marketing sphere, we all know it’s key to build a strong network that can become a source of potential customers, partners, or investors. Few channels do this better than LinkedIn, with its powerful base of professionals seeking to make daily connections. With 900 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn, which turns 20 this year, has become the go-to source for thought leadership, brand building, lead gen, advertising, and recruitment.
Why LinkedIn is an essential tool for digital marketing

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enjoy even larger audiences, LinkedIn ensures you target a professional audience. It’s a powerful tool and maintaining a robust profile and business page helps you tap into this vast range of professionals, influencers, and potential clients.

LinkedIn is an essential tool in the digital marketing mix for many reasons:

It’s a professional network

As a professional networking platform, its enormous power lies in the sheer number of people participating in it. It’s where many people go to make introductions, build new relationships, and nurture established ones. It’s an excellent destination to connect and communicate with other professionals in your industry, expand your network, and build valuable relationships.

You can build your brand

Whether you want to build a personal brand or a company brand, LinkedIn allows you to share your branded content and engage with your audience. There are various creator options that allow you to go live, create newsletters, and fully optimize your LinkedIn account. By regularly posting content and engaging with other users on the platform, businesses can significantly increase brand visibility across a wide audience.

Generate business leads

LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to generate leads. Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and showcasing your skills and expertise. Build your network by connecting with other professionals in your industry including decision-makers and influencers. Join groups related to your industry and engage with their content. And, if you would like to take it up a notch, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator will give you valuable company insights to use during prospecting.

Use as an effective recruitment tool

If you are looking to recruit top talent, LinkedIn is a must-have tool. Did you know that “8 people are hired every minute” through LinkedIn? The job posting feature allows you to post job openings and reach a broad audience of potential candidates. With LinkedIn's advanced search features, you are able to find employees based on job title, location, and industry. Not only is it a mechanism for connecting with candidates, but you can also easily get a feel for potential candidates’ skill sets and depth of expertise through their profiles.

Create and share thought leadership content

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to share content and engage with your audience. Share your knowledge by posting insights, opinions, and tips in the form of articles, white papers, and case studies related to your industry and expertise. This will help establish you as an expert, build trust, increase your visibility on the platform, and position you as a thought leader. Include different content formats like videos or animated carousels.

Market research

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to conduct market research, particularly for B2B industries or professional services. You can conduct research on your target audience by studying their profiles, analyzing competitor company pages to uncover insights into their marketing strategies, conducting polls and surveys, and monitoring industry news to stay up to date on trends and developments in your industry.

Targeted advertising

LinkedIn allows businesses to target their advertising to specific audiences based on criteria such as job title, industry, company size, and more. This allows businesses to reach the right people with their messaging and offers.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can be leveraged in a variety of ways. Its dynamic ability to help businesses connect with potential customers and generate leads, target advertising, establish thought leadership through content sharing, recruit employees, and increase brand awareness is an asset most companies should employ to their advantage.

How are you using LinkedIn for your marketing?

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