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Battles of the Sexes: How Men & Women Use Social Media Differently

Have you ever wondered how men and women use the internet, particularly, social media differently? This is key information for marketers to understand so that we can more effectively target our marketing and create the best user experience possible; every aspect of a campaign is affected by the gender of the target audience, from design to advertising.

Pinterest is the perfect example of a social media platform on which men and women greatly differ. We scanned the popular network for gender infographics and were interested to learn from this one that while 15% of online adults use Pinterest, the vast majority of those (70%) are women.

On the other hand, while 67% of online adults use Facebook, the split is more even with only slightly more women (58%) than men in the user base. It’s also important to remember that users are spending varying amounts of time on different social media platforms – a whopping 405 minutes each month on Facebook compared to only 3 minutes on Google Plus, 17 minutes on LinkedIn, 21 minutes on Twitter, and 89 minutes on Pinterest. The interesting thing about Google Plus is that only 10% of online adults use it but 64% of those are men.

It is quite revealing to consider these numbers in the context of overall internet usage and how similarly men and women are spending their time on the internet. According to a recent survey by, the majority of men and women spend more than 26 hours online each week. Women spend slightly more of this time than men do on social networking sites (13.1% compared to 11.6%), and men spend almost the same amount of time as women on other activities such as news and online shopping.

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