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Creating an Effective Social Media Task List

When it comes to social media, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the number of social networks, blogs, forums, and other areas we are "supposed" to be active upon in order to build exposure and authority for our business. So how can you turn the overwhelming into the achievable? Create a task list, of course!

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By making a specific list of what you need to do and where, you will be able to visualize everything easily and get it done. The following is a sample of five required activities on the top three professional social networks. Modify this to fit your social media needs.

Twitter Task List

Twitter may be one of the easiest social networks to handle as your interactions only have to be 140 characters. Here are basic things you need to be doing on a daily basis to benefit from your Twitter presence.

  • Check your mentions and respond to them. This is anyone who has sent a status update to your @username on Twitter.
  • Check your direct messages and respond to them. While a lot of these privately sent messages on Twitter are spam, some may not be and you don't want to miss out on a potential meaningful engagement.
  • Run a search on your brand, business, or product name and respond to anyone talking about them. If you use Twitter tools like HootSuite or Tweetdeck, set up your search as a column in those programs to keep them automatically updated.
  • Browse through your Twitter stream and interact with some of the people you are following. This helps balance your Twitter activity so that you are not always broadcasting to your audience but interacting with them as well.
  • Check your list of new followers and greet them if needed. This is a great way to get their attention and build engagement!

Facebook Task List

Facebook is the number one social network and, thanks to the new Facebook page layout, it is even more important that you keep it constantly up to date. Here are basic things you need to be doing on a daily basis to benefit from your Facebook page.

  • Post a new status update. Make it vary each day between asking your fans a question, posting a link to something newsworthy in your industry, sharing a photo, or posting a video.
  • Check your page's notifications and respond to them. If someone posts on your wall, be sure to reply to them. If someone comments on one of your status updates, make sure it's not something that requires a response.
  • Check your page's messages and respond to them. Unless you have disabled this option in your page's settings, you should be keeping an eye on any incoming messages and responding to them accordingly.
  • Interact on another page. Go to your Facebook page and use Facebook as your page. Then like another page in your industry (preferably not direct competitors) and interact by commenting on their status update. This way, you can get exposure to an audience who might like your page as well.
  • Wish your friends a happy birthday. If you are using your personal profile for business marketing (or at the very least you link your personal profile to your business page), then acknowledging your friends will strengthen your bond with them and possibly with your business as well.

LinkedIn Task List

LinkedIn may not be as big as Facebook, but it still is the top social network for professionals. Here are basic things you need to be doing on a daily basis to benefit from your LinkedIn professional profile.

  • Check your inbox for new messages & invitations to connect and respond to them. Be sure to carefully read each invitation as some people will put an inquiry for your products or services in their connection request as well.
  • Post a new update to your LinkedIn profile. Not only does it show up in your connections' news feed, but it will also show up at the top of your profile, so make it count!
  • Answer a few questions in your industry in LinkedIn Answers. This is a great way to get to know more professionals on LinkedIn and generally leads to new connection requests which expands your network.
  • Participate in a group discussion. LinkedIn offers industry-specific groups where you can add new discussions and join in on-going discussions to engage with people in your target industry.
  • Give someone in your network a recommendation. While recommendations are not always reciprocal, people will be invited to give you a recommendation in return while adding yours to their profile. This can help lead to significantly more recommendations.

Additional Networks

From here, you can get a good idea of what tasks you can apply to other networks such as Google+ and Pinterest. Be sure to create a task list that helps you maintain a beneficial social media presence that is converting and engaging!

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