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Cupid gets Clever this Valentine’s Day

After 11 months of COVID, being at home with our family and partners is still where it’s at. This new-normal has changed the way people and businesses are thinking about their lives and holidays, including Valentine’s Day.

This year we see business owners offering something different than chocolates and flowers. Because life is now more about making it through this phase with a little less stress, and a bit more fun.

Through the year, consider how you can create products that are relevant in this moment and use inspired messaging to deliver holidays-specific products.

Here are a few examples that might inspire you to bring some of your products and services to your clients in a new and relevant way:

  • I love you with my Stout - Evil Twin Brewing has developed a beer worthy of romance. Perfect gift for your brew-loving significant other. Renaming a product with love in mind, makes it both fun and seasonably appropriate for the holiday.
  • The Bronx Zoo gets roach-tastic with this “Name a Roach” offer. It’s not for everyone but those who love the zoo and animals will have a laugh and love this creepy crawly offer. Their messaging, “Chocolates and flowers come, and go, but roaches are forever like our love” makes this a fun one that your partner will likely always remember.
  • With so much time at home, now more than ever people are cooking and binge-watching shows. Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper and now the Magnolia Network are getting in on both. For this holiday, they’re offering their very own Magnolia Valentine's Cookie Kit that also sets up their new Magnolia’s Table cooking show.
  • Whatever industry you’re in, you can use the new-normal to create meaningful products and services for your customers. No matter the holiday, think creatively to develop fun, practical, and sometimes odd offerings. These COVID times will not be forgotten, and make sure your loved one knows your love is forever too.

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