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Marketing With Purpose – How to be Relevant in 2021

Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs posits that the highest-level human needs have to do with creativity, respect by others, and belonging to a group. That’s why so many brands are launching campaigns focused on a greater purpose.

It’s not a one size fits all move though; it has to be authentic to the brand. Some companies are joining social movements, to show they’re part of a greater good. While others create their own movement, mobilizing people to get involved in their passion purpose. And then there are some companies that have products that create community. Regardless of approach, there’s a hashtag to drive engagement, to make sure your brand benefits.

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Three examples to learn from:

  1. Part of greater good. What do the De Beers Group, BBC and Danone all have in common? They’re three companies whose CEOs have championed #heforshe, as part of a United Nations global solidarity movement for gender equality. Over 2.5 million have joined the movement so far.
  2. Passion purpose. REI encourages everyone to #optoutside. On Black Friday they closed their doors to go outside, because that’s where they “feel good, and awesome, and human.” There have been an astounding 16.5 million Instagram posts using the hashtag, as people go outside, share their stories, and join the “feel good” movement.
  3. Products. When the founders of Bombas started out, they had a vision to send socks to people in need with every purchase. This once little New York startup has donated over 35 million socks so far, and they continue to create new collections for groups, like this year’s line that donates to LGBTQ+ youth for each item purchased.

As you reflect on these different models, ask yourself: what is your purpose, and how can you use it to connect with your target buyers?

When your brand messaging creates an emotional connection, and aligns with your company’s purpose, you make your company about more than just your service or product. Here’s to re-purposing the good you’re doing to connect with purpose in 2021!

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