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Periscope: What is it and Who Should Use it?

It feels like new social media platforms are arriving on the scene every day. Deciding whether or not to jump on board can take some serious time and consideration, which you don’t always have if you want to be an early adopter. But you also can’t afford to follow every shiny object.

When Periscope launched in 2015, we were interested to see who those early adopters would be. Periscope was purchased by Twitter for $100 million in

February 2015 (before the system even launched) and is an exciting live-streaming app that makes it easy to broadcast messages or have video conversations through your iPhone or Android. Would this be another flash in the pan? Heavy hitters like Red Bull, Target, Mountain Dew and General Electric didn’t think so, amassing tens of thousands of followers each as they used the app for many marketing uses such as product releases, contests, live event broadcasts, interviews with celebrities and behind-the-scenes looks.

If you’re thinking of using Periscope to market your brand to your clientele, consider the following:

  1. Who would create and execute your Periscope strategy?
  2. How would this integrate with your other marketing initiatives?
  3. What would you broadcast or showcase?
  4. How important are quality analytics to your marketing strategy? As this insightful post from HubSpot explains, Periscope hasn’t offered up an API, so there’s no way to dig deeper into analytics through a third-party platform.
  5. Is there someone on your team who is naturally outgoing, has a spontaneous style and who would be good in front of the camera? Tap these talents to put Periscope to use!

Periscope gives everyone the opportunity to be a broadcaster. Just as other social media channel advancements have done before, Periscope’s technology levels the playing field for marketers, enabling small startups to communicate in the same way large corporations with big media budgets could in the past. Still need some support deciding whether Periscope is right for you? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to walk you through the pros and cons in more detail.

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