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Plan Ahead – 10 Tips for 2014

Fall is a busy time of year and before we know it, the new year will be upon us. So now is a good time to plan. It’s a good idea to brainstorm before you set your annual marketing calendar in stone. So we’ve compiled a checklist for planning ahead to 2014 to get you started:

  • Assess your brand – is your visual and written voice consistent with the product/service you offer to your target audience?
  • Re-evaluate your audiences – can you identify any missing populations?
  • Review the competitive environment.  How have competitors changed their products/services and messaging?  Have they upgraded their online communications?
  • Do your marketing materials truly reflect your USP and do a superb job of communicating to your customer, or do they need an overhaul?
  • Do you have a digital strategy? Is your digital infrastructure in place?  Are you active on appropriate social media channels and offering fresh content regularly?  Is your blog engaging and visually compelling, providing great information and fresh ideas?
  • Is your website delivering the traffic and leads you need to grow your business? Have you implemented basic SEO strategies to build organic search results? Do you monitor Google Analytics to assess how you are faring online?
  • Is your editorial content rich?  Do you have a content strategy?
  • Does your advertising strategy include a balanced program of traditional methods (outbound) as well as digital (inbound)? Have you tested PPC (pay-per-click) programs?
  • Do you have an effective PR program in place? Does it dovetail with your other initiatives?
  • Have you developed a marketing budget that is realistic for your organization?

Need some guidance and support to develop a plan that drives business revenue for 2014? Call us today for a consultation to discuss how we can develop a marketing plan that meets business goals while optimizing your budget.

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