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The word tribe has become a buzzword lately for the way it can describe a community that is popping up organically online. These days, we’re often hearing the term in the marketing world to specifically signify a group of people who rally around a cause or brand. These people usually have a set of shared values, beliefs and interests that marketers can leverage to build lasting relationships and create brand ambassadors.

The implications of this are significant. Says Brad VanAuken in Branding Strategy Insider, “Consumers are now using brands not only to signal their identities and shared values, but (with the help of astute marketers) also as a sign of tribal membership and as an integral part of the tribe’s activities and rituals.”

Here are four ways you can build your tribe of fans and followers:

  1. Be personal and authentic. “You don’t have to air all your dirty laundry or expose every personal aspect of your life to accomplish this. Just don’t be someone you’re not. Be you and amazing stuff will happen,” says Jeff Goins in his article “How to Build a Killer Tribe.”
  2. Be generous. Incentivize people with exclusive discounts, insider tips and other rewards that they’ll appreciate and remember.
  3. Be unique. How can your company innovate its product and/or service to incorporate a unique touch that will remain in the customer’s mind and move them to sing your praises to their friends? As we’ve written before, personal touches stay with a customer long after the transaction is complete and are more likely to result in a referral, recommendation and/or repeat business.
  4. Be grateful. Your tribe of brand ambassadors has the potential to leverage your brand in ways you simply cannot do without them. So show them you appreciate them.

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