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4 Mobile Marketing Tips Every Business Needs Now

Summer is here, and with it comes a critical shift. People are spending less time than ever in front of their computers, and more time on mobile devices.

According to a new report from eMarketer, we’re spending more time searching on apps and less on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Mobile advertising in the U.S. will total $17.73 billion in 2014, with mobile search spending accounting for more than half of that total, or $9.02 billion. By 2018, mobile search spending will reach $28.41 billion, or 85.9% of the US digital search advertising market.

“We use niche travel apps such as Kayak to look up travel info, Trulia to search for homes and local business search company Yelp to look up local businesses,” says Tech Crunch writer Sara Buhr.

Need more encouragement to focus on mobile? In addition to searching on apps, users are also spending more time utilizing social media on their mobile devices than on desktops or laptops. Pinterest users are 92% mobile; Twitter users are 86% mobile; Facebook is 68% mobile; and Tumblr is 46% mobile. Incredible statistics.

Here are four important steps marketers need to take today:

  1. Learn how much traffic is coming to your website or blog from mobile devices. Google Analytics is a free, user-friendly way to track this important data.
  2. Review your site on a variety of mobile devices. Does it load within a few seconds and is everything formatted correctly? If the answer is no, make the necessary programming updates.
  3. Consider creating an app. Depending on the reasons why consumers want to access your website from their mobile devices, it might be worth the investment to create a mobile app focusing on key functionality that can provide services or drive revenue.
  4. Get social. Think about your ideal client and consider which social media platforms s/he is spending the most time on, then be sure you have the apps and a monitoring strategy in place so that you can stay in touch when you’re on the go.

For details on how we can help you upgrade your mobile strategy and implementation plan to engage today’s consumer on mobile, please click here.

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