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10 Lessons You Can Learn from a Goldfish

Information overload. Data deluge. Two ways to describe the same marketing predicament: today’s customer is bombarded with messaging and imagery on a minute-by-minute basis.

So how is a brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace and capitalize on the social media word-of-mouth machine? We like the ten recommendations in this article from McKinsey, entitled “”Can a goldfish show you how to excite your customers?

Explains the writer, “Guests at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York are offered a pet goldfish for their room. They may take stylish décor, comfortable beds, and welcoming service for granted, but the fish is a quirky extra that gets them talking. It may not fulfill any need identified by surveys or focus groups, yet it typifies the kind of thoughtful, unusual touch that can attract a dedicated following. Put simply, satisfying customers is no longer enough; companies need to go a step further and excite them to generate word of mouth.”

This is excellent motivation for brands that are still wary of social media – one of the most efficient and effective vehicles for sharing word of mouth available today.

The biggest lesson here? To stay ahead of the game, a brand needs to go above and beyond expectations to consistently deliver a superior customer experience. Personal, unique, authentic touches stay with a customer long after the transaction is complete and are more likely to result in a referral, recommendation and/or repeat business. Nourish your brand ambassadors.

Deliver on this question: How can your company innovate its product and/or service to incorporate a unique touch that will remain in the customer’s mind and move them to sing your praises to their friends?

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