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Social Media – to use or not to use?

Social media -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others - is a booming  marketing resource and an important new part of any business' marketing mix.  How much or how little to do is the real question.   The first thing to understand is that social media must be used as a tactical element to help businesses meet their strategic objectives.  If it can help you reach your target audience and help motivate them to act as you would like, then use it.  If it will integrate with and complement other parts of your marketing program, then use it. If it can help make you an authority in your field, thereby altering how your audience perceives you, then use it.

Be cognizant that effective use of social media takes time and money, and while it can be extremely powerful in some instances, it can also be a waste of time and effort if not used correctly.  Dedicated resources will be necessary.  Ideally, appoint someone in your company who is "in tune" with your company's social media audience, to spearhead your efforts.  The more someone understands your business, your audience and how they are using social media, the more effective your efforts will be.

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