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Time to take digital stock

Is your marketing strategy meeting the challenges of our brave new digital world? With new technologies flooding the digital marketplace daily, it’s the wild west in the digital sphere – to take advantage of these new products and service options, businesses need to take stock, and flush out inefficiencies holding them back..

Why? New marketing technologies and cloud applications are forcing us to rethink how we do business. Antiquated approaches to customer demands are doomed to fail because in today’s digital world the customer is in control of the buying process. What fuels customer engagement now is great content based on real data.

Changing times mean changing strategies, so if you want to stay competitive, then you need to make changes fast. It’s time to purge and renew, by reflecting and then relinquishing what no longer serves you.

Four tips for the new year:

  1. Customer experience is everything. The collective set of experiences you give your customers becomes your brand and this brand experience is now your competitive differentiator. Today, consumer product investments are focused on customer experience innovations. Develop a customer-centric experience strategy if you want to compete effectively.
  2. All marketing is digital so you need to understand the technologies that drive performance. With rapid technological consolidation in marketing, called “marketing clouds or hubs”, sets of technologies help marketers navigate the landscape. Services include tools for analytics, and tools that monitor customer experience, digital campaigns, e-commerce behavior, social media and more. Marketing technologists are experts who understand the value that these tools bring. Transition your team to be more technology-centered, or hire or contract someone who is in the know, and can unearth your digital potential.
  3. Go mobile because that’s where customers are viewing. Optimize for a mobile moment, a mobile experience and put it at the forefront of your marketing strategies.
  4. E-commerce is a key tool for marketers. Historically, e-commerce was complicated and woven into enterprise systems. Today, e-commerce is widely accessible allowing marketers to integrate promotions and generate sales at specific moments throughout the buyer’s journey. Perform a full audit of your e-commerce set-up, assess customer behavior at each touchpoint and optimize each interaction accordingly.

Now is a good time to go back and review your company’s sales and marketing structure objectively and determine how you can reconfigure the organization so that it supports the customer’s online experience. Be fearless and bold, and make that radical shift to align yourself with today’s brave new digital marketing world.

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