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Hitting The Mark

There’s no question that data and metrics are at the top of every marketer’s mind - - and it’s also an absolute truth that it is a giant task to sift through the thousands of tools out there to help you gather the right data, the critical key insights and make sense of them. We all seek to develop accurate, streamlined reporting that informs strategy and future programming. It’s amazing how many of the so-called “solutions” claim the same results with touted user-friendly platforms, but which fall flat once the subscription is paid for and quality customer service subsides.


Over the last few years, agencies have increased overhead trying to adopt the next shiny tool that will help them sort through the head-spinning task of data management. It’s imperative that a smart, methodical approach preside amidst the chaotic world of marketing automation platforms. Make sure a sound strategy prevails and evaluate tools carefully before adding another subscription fee that deflates your bottom line.

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