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Fourth Quarter is here, and it’s critical to proactively plan to end the year on a strong note so that you can use that momentum to launch into 2020. This can be an overwhelming task for many businesses but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four important items to consider in planning the remainder of the year and the launch into 2020:

1. Reflect on the year. Look back over the goals and strategy you set for 2019 before you do the same for 2020. What has worked for you so far this year and what hasn’t?
2. Re-evaluate resources. Where are you in terms of your budget and where do you need to be at the end of the year? Consider using any surplus to dip a toe into a previously unexplored marketing initiative, such as testing a new digital program.
3. Reduce. Decrease the number of marketing initiatives you plan to undertake and focus on quality instead of quantity. What is the top priority for this coming year? Yes, successful marketing comes from great concept and design work, implemented consistently and energetically across a variety of media channels. But you need the funds and bandwidth to maintain each of those channels, so prioritize accordingly.
4. Renew. Some marketing priorities change from year to year, but your dedication to connecting with your audience stays the same. Renew your commitment by re-assessing where and how best to reach them. If they are active online, be sure to focus resources on key digital components such as website redesign, social media, paid media, online profile optimization, software and support.

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