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Hitting The Mark

Be a big fish in a small pond

Social media is still  the new frontier for most businesses, of any size.  What that means is there is still an incredible opportunity to get out there ahead of your competition and do it right. Take a cyber look around at your competition, locally, regionally and even nationally, and see what they're doing.  In many industries, very few companies are doing social media well, if at all.  This is a huge opportunity for anyone with the interest, focus and resources to get the social media ball rolling.  Be the one to get out there and take the lead!  Figure out where the pitfalls are and where you can be successful.  Figure out what resources you need in terms of budget and staffing to make it successful.  Figure out what channels work best for you, what content drives attention, what polls or promotions can create a Justin Bieber like phenomenon.  You can take the lead and be the biggest fish in your pond!

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