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The rise of the curator

Who is not overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of information available on the web today?   It's not surprising that the next generation of information sifting is evolving and the term for it is "curating".  Similar to the role the curator plays at a museum, by selecting art within a theme for presentation to its audience, the social media curator searches for content within a topic area and collates it into a digestible and manageable form for its readership. "By discovering, organizing, and sharing relevant and interesting content from around the Web through their social streams of choice, curators invest in the integrity of their network as well as their relationships," states Brian Solis in The State of the Blogosphere 2010. The task of the curator is significant in that he or she can become the authority in a field which is currently wide open.  The curator can "package it in a compelling, consumable and also sharable format" continues Solis, and plays a great "role in qualifying, filtering, and refining the content introduced to the streams that connect their interest graphs."

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