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The global pandemic we now face will have implications throughout our lives. In the business environment, the impact may come in many forms, such as in full closures, sales interruptions, brand damage or customer service impasses, to name just a few. How we communicate to our customers and constituents during this time is critical to long-term business recovery.

A crisis communication plan is a set of guidelines used to prepare a business for an emergency or unexpected event. These plans include steps to take when a crisis first emerges and outlines how to communicate effectively with the public, employees, the media and other stakeholders. While the current virus crisis came at us quickly and left many unprepared, it's still possible to implement swift and consistent messaging across platforms. Making this a priority is paramount.

Consider these points:

  • Who will speak on your behalf?
  • What is the process for crafting your message and developing it for narrative or video release?
  • Is your message sensitive to both the personal and business aspects of the crisis?
  • What platforms or processes do you have in place to communicate with your audiences?
  • How is your customer service team set up to handle escalations?
  • Is your social media team prepared for a quick digital ramp-up?
  • Do you have a mechanism to collect customer feedback and respond?
  • Do you have a short-term and long-term communications crisis plan?

People need to feel heard, especially when anxiety is on the rise, so sound planning and tailored messaging will be important tools in your arsenal. Use intelligent resources to support you in this mission. Employ talent with strong writing and strategic planning skills to help you weather the challenging effects of both short and long-term crises.

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