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How to market on Amazon …and you don’t have to be a retailer!

As one of the largest retailers and digital platform in the world, Amazon is now the 3rd largest advertising platform behind Google and Facebook, according to the “In 2018, Amazon generated a staggering $10 billion in ad revenue”, far exceeding forecaster’s expectations, who estimate that Amazon’s ad business will continue to climb exponentially in the next few years.


Consumers are increasingly searching directly on Amazon, instead of Google, and this shift in product search means that Amazon has a wealth of buyer and shopper’s data that can be leveraged for advertising, both on and off the site.

Amazon offers traditional ad options for retailers through its ad platform, but you don't have to be a retailer to promote your services and products or to run coupons and offers.

Sponsored products drive immediate sales and deliver a high return on ad spend for products sold through Amazon. Popping up at the exact moment when someone is searching, these ads work well and run on a CPC (cost per click) basis.

Sponsored brands offer visibility for products or services through a banner that appears at the top of a page featuring three products from a related brand, and can be made to looks like an organic Amazon listing and branded with a headline and logo.

Amazon’s DSP (Demand-Side Platform) enables you to leverage data and apply it to open ad exchanges to run highly targeted display ads based on an audience’s shopping behavior. For example, data on purchase histories, product searches, visits to product pages without a purchase, likely next purchases and more!

Direct customers where you want them to go by clicking the product and linking to a category page that looks like a standard Amazon search results page but exclusively showcases your brand; or direct them to a customized Amazon storefront, that has the look of a separate mini-website, exclusively featuring your brand and products.

Send traffic away from Amazon to your own site, where your customers can learn more about your brand or make a purchase. Here you can track them for retargeting with links like a Google UTM code or with an Amazon pixel. Display Ads appear not only when a customer is searching for something else on Amazon but also on any site that is part of the Google display network.

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