Kick off your flip-flops and practice powering off. | Brandmark Studios - Ridgefield, CT

Hitting The Mark

There's no doubt that the term "digital overload" in our personal and professional lives is an understatement. We are exposed to constant messaging through our phones, voice-activated virtual assistants, computers, televisions, cars, watches, supermarkets, favorite coffee joints and in just about every bar-coded scan or swipe to the left or right.


This summer, let's kick off our flip flops, consciously place our iPhones in another room and plant our feet firmly on the ground to have a quiet moment to think, breathe and let the creative juices flow. The idea is not new, yet we're encouraged to see business embracing the notion. As leaders become thoughtful about managing their digital lives, and deliberate about modeling a conscious approach to connected behavior in and out of the office, they will be able to nurture teams toward greater success. Ready to take charge of your digital lives and practice managing "digital overload" on a daily basis? We are too.

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