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Brands can take a leadership position by adopting a positioning framework that addresses these 3 key drivers:

Emotion: Know how your customers feel about your brand (relative to how they don’t feel about your competitors). This gives you an emotional advantage.

Distinction: Identify what product attributes or services are completely unique. What is most compelling to your best prospects? This gives you a distinctive advantage.

Connection: Create durable, authentic connections with your audiences (that are different from what others create). This is your connective advantage.

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Brand positioning includes:

  • Identifying, analyzing and confirming the brand’s target audiences and buyer personas
  • Creating a list of competitive criteria, which you can use as a frame of reference
  • Identifying key customer benefits (emotional, experiential and functional)
  • Developing the brand’s reason for being, brand promise and key characteristics
  • Identifying the most powerful benefits and messaging for each
  • Developing the evidence and “reasons to believe” those benefits

Being clear about your brand’s benefits will sharpen the customer’s perception of your brand and help you gain an advantage relative to your competitors. The primary brand benefit must deliver against these objectives:

  • It must be important to your target audience(s)
  • The brand benefit is unquestioned
  • The brand benefit is not offered by competitors
  • The benefit is unique, compelling, motivating, understandable and believable

It’s no surprise that examples of strong brands include: Tesla, Apple, Trader Joe’s, Nike, Amazon and Starbucks. These brands represent strong values, and have differentiated themselves from their competitors in meaningful ways. These stand out brands, as mentioned in Branding News, continue to inspire and provide strong branding models that are applicable to smaller businesses.

We are well-positioned to help you work on your brand positioning and help you adapt to a changing world.

  • We can help you identify your target audience and buyer personas and devise a marketing plan that delivers the right message to them at the right time
  • We can help you perform a competitive assessment and benchmark you against others in your field
  • We can help you develop the brand characteristics that truly speak to your best prospects

Brands can take a leadership position by adopting a framework that delivers on these advantages and that works with intention and consistency.

If you'd like help with your Brand Positioning strategy, let us know: info@brandmarkstudios.com.

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