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Hitting The Mark: social media

March 28, 2011
The rise of the curator
Who is not overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of information available on the web today?   It’s not surprising that the next generation of information sifting is […]
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March 27, 2011
Be a big fish in a small pond
Social media is still  the new frontier for most businesses, of any size.  What that means is there is still an incredible opportunity to get out […]
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March 27, 2011
What’s the future of geo-location for me?
I can’t quite see where geo-location is going.  I know that every programmer and marketer worth their weight is working to figure out out how to […]
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March 26, 2011
Social Media – to use or not to use?
Social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – is a booming  marketing resource and an important new part of any business’ marketing mix.  How much […]
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